Training Options

Small Group Training

Strength and Conditioning Coaching for Groups of 2-5

3 sessions per week Recommended


When training resumes after lockdown this will be the new model which sessions will be based around. The reason for the change and the goals are as follows. 


  • Meet all social distancing guidelines/ cleaning requirements.  
  • Fully coached sessions.
  • Small groups of similar individuals for a more positive and motivating environment. 
  • Training programme taken care of, with specific weights and variations for each individual.
  • Specific time slots and focus on maximising that time and improving the efficiency of your workout.
  • Better results!!

This will be a bit of a shake-up to the norm but I believe if you are willing to give it a try you will see that we can achieve much more with this new template!


The main goal is to deliver the level of service you would expect with personal training, whilst capturing the benefits that can be achieved from training as part of a small group of likeminded individuals. 


Things we can eliminate from the gym environment with this approach are...


  • Going to the gym without a plan and sticking only to the few exercises you know.
  • Being intimidated by a small clique who seem to own the place.
  • Fighting over equipment.
  • Skipping exercises (pronounced squats) you know you should be doing.
  • Avoiding conditioning exercises such as the Airbike 

At Troon Fitness most members were following a variation of our Training Method so the workouts themselves will be very similar. The difference with this new model is that you will receive more coaching on technique and a better variety of workout finishers. 


Also if you are considering personal training but aren't sure if you can afford it this is the perfect solution. 


Check out our training method for more information on the strength coaching element of the programme!


Below is the programme we will follow whilst social distancing measures are in place.


We will use this 5 day programme (split over 3 days per week) to make sure that no 2 people touch the same piece of equipment in a session. 




  Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun
  9.15am 9.15am 9.15am 9.15am 9.15am 9.15am  
  5.00pm 4.30pm 5.00pm 5.00pm 5.00pm    
  6.00pm 5.30pm 6.00pm 6.00pm 6.00pm    
  7.00pm   7.00pm 7.00pm 7.00pm    


Note. Extra sessions will be added once sessions are full or where, at any other time, there is sufficient demand. Sessions at 10.15am, 4pm and 8pm might be added next.  

 Price List


Individual Session                        £7.50

                                                       (approx. £97.50 when attending 3 sessions p/w).


Monthly Subscription                   £65.00

                                                       (Approx. £5per session when attending 3 sessions per week)




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