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 Our Goal


At Troon Strength & Fitness we have one goal! To give you the knowledge and enthusiasm to be working on your goals not just now but long into the future. 


Everyone makes progress at different rates and starts from a different level of; fitness, strength and body composition. What's important is that you are making progress and learn how to train using tried and tested methods. No shortcuts and no gimmicks.


 Personal Training


It doesn't matter who you are you will get better results working with a personal trainer/ strength coach than you will by yourself. That's why even top trainers and athletes don't just work out by themselves.


What we offer with our normal membership is fairly comprehensive and will give you the tools to get results but it relies on you finding the motivation to to train yourself and to have the dedication to work on your technique to train safely and effectively.


Personal training takes it to the next level, you will now be held accountable to your trainer as well as yourself. So you won't just skip the things you don't feel like doing and you won't make any easy excuses not to train properly. Don't panic though you will only be asked to do things you will be capable of.


Your personal trainer is always able to give you the right coaching cues to make sure your form is safe and efficient on all exercises. 


If you've tried to get in shape before but you've never managed to make it stick, got bored or just never managed to get in the routine of exercising and motivating yourself then investing in personal training is the answer!


We don't use complicated programmes that you will not be able to make sense of you can check out our beginner method here. Your trainer should be there to make sure you do the exercises correctly and in time you might want to come and train in our gym on your own. 


Personal Training 4 Week - 12 Session Block


Rather than paying per individual session we recomend booking 3 sessions per week for 4 weeks to gaurentee results. Get in touch for the latest discount for one up front payment to cover everything you need for the month.


Our goal is not only to deliver results over the 4 weeks of your personal training block booking but to educate you, so that you have the knowledge and confidence to train yourself later on. 


Get in touch to start now! What are you waiting for? 



What Do You Get?


Everything you need!


  • Initial consultation
  • Trial session (only once you've done this and are 100% happy will you sign up)
  • 3 Personal Training sessions per week
  • Coaching on proper form and technique for exercises that work!
  • Knowledge of our training methodology and how to keep making progress in the gym!
  • Nutrition advice
  • Someone to nag you and make sure you show up to train!
  • Monthly progress update
  • Excellent results towards your goals and many improvements you weren't even looking for!!



Start your journey now!

Get in touch today to discuss your goals and get started. There's no such thing as a stupid question so call today for a chat about your goals, worst case scenario we talk about fitness for a while.





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